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How to become a freelancer


One of the many ways to supplement your income online is to become a freelancer, and there are plenty of websites to help you do just that. Depending on how much time you are wiling to put in to it, there are opportunities to make quite a good income.

Personally, I have been making a steady extra $1000 a month through this method, by doing around 10 hours a week. It is not a bad way to make money, although it does involve some dedication and hard work.

What Is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is a self-employed person, offering services to individuals and companies for a fee. This type of work can be done from home, or on the road, and that is usually the appeal. A freelancer does not have a boss, or a set work schedule, and so this allows for freedom of movement and to work according to the time schedule that suits you.

Who can be a freelancer?

Anyone can be a freelancer, as long as you have a service to offer. People are looking for all sorts of things, from game testers, to logo creators, and even English teachers.  My background is in teaching, and so that is the field that I mostly focus on. I tutor students all over the world and can fit it around my full-time job. I have also done some virtual assistant positions, as I love to organise other people!

Reasons to become a freelancer

There are various reasons why people become freelancers, here is a list of just a few

  • To make some extra money around a full time job, to save for something special
  • To have a flexible schedule to allow for more time to do the  things you love
  • To make some extra money while being a stay at home mum
  • To get away from the 9-5 and answering to a boss

Types of freelance work  

There are various types of freelance work that are available such as:

  • Content writer for blogs and websites
  • Translators
  • Game testers and creators
  • Graphic Design work
  • Teaching
  • Virtual assistant
  • etc

How to find freelance work

There are several websites that are set up to help you find freelance work. To name a few:

All of the above are free to join, and then all you need to do is create a profile about yourself and the types of services that you can offer. This can be changed at any time, so do not worry too much about what to write at the beginning. Once you start looking around at the type of jobs that are on offer, you can improve your profile to suit what you are interested in.

Once you have your profile set up, you can start searching through the jobs, and placing bids. You will not necessarily be successful straight away, so be prepared to be patient, and keep trying. A freelancer with no history on the site is not as convincing to the employer as someone with a proven track record. As with anything, it takes experience and time to build  a name.

Once you start getting jobs, and positive feedback from clients, things will start moving, and you will be able to be more choosy about what you will and will not do, and more importantly how much you want to be paid.

How do you get paid?

Most of the above sites pay through Pay Pal which is very easy to set up. They all have a fee that they take off so make sure you are bidding enough to take that fee in to consideration. The fee is generally 20%

Are there any drawbacks?

As with anything, nothing is perfect. In my own experience the main drawback is that you do not have full control of when the work will come. At times, I have very little and then will suddenly be hit with a flood of work, so it can become a little overwhelming at times if you are not able to organise your time. However, most clients are understanding if you need to ask for some extra time.



Passion, Profit and Power

How can you have Passion, Profit and Power?

 More and more people are pushing boundaries, and breaking from the traditional 9 to 5 jobs. They are discovering that there is so much more to life, and want to explore and be a part of it, rather than just coasting along, worrying about whether the government will have enough money to take care of them when they get older.
This applies to both women as well as men, there is no limit to what can be achieved, and more and more people are becoming increasingly entrepreneurial, as they discover it is a much more fulfilling way to live.
No more answering to a boss, and working long hours with no appreciation. It is time to take things in to your own hands and live the life you were meant to.

 Find your Passion

We have talked extensively about this, but it really is the key to setting the ball rolling. Figure out what you love, because once you do, making money from it will not feel like work, as you will be passionate about what you are doing, and will find so much energy that you never thought you had. Imagine waking up, excited about the day ahead! Enjoying what you are doing so much that you lose track of time! That is what you want to work towards, as life is for living, and not for whiling away the hours at a desk job that you hate. So, do some real thinking, and try some new activities, and find that passion!

Next comes Power

With passion comes power. Once you have found what you love to do, you will feel so powerful, as if you can achieve anything. You need to take this power, and use it to your advantage. There will be times when you feel like giving up, but you need to remember that every set back provides a lesson that you can learn from. The journey may not always be easy, but you can guarantee that you will be picking up so much knowledge along the way, and enjoying the process as you do.

And finally, Profit

Ahh..profit that is the ultimate goal, and one that will most definitely come with a lot of dedication, and never giving up.  The key is to find something where you are giving as well as receiving, as the profit cannot be the only goal, as that is hard to sustain. If you are being helpful, and truly believe in what you are doing, that is when the profit will come.

So for all you people out there that are ready to make a change, the  current economic landscape is ripe with possibilities. There is no time like the present for people around the world to take the steps (and risks) necessary to get closer to passion, profit and power!

Chris Farrell Review

If you are a complete newbie to how to make money online, and are looking for a website that will take you by the hand and explain the basics very clearly, then Chris Farrell is the one for you!

The internet, and how to find your way around making it work for you, can be very overwhelming, there are so many sites out there promising to show you the way, but most are complete scams.

Chris Farrell is different, he seems to genuinely care, and, without being patronizing, has broken down how to make money online in to three clear steps, and will teach you how to use those steps to work for you.

Chris Farrell Review

Name: Chris Farrell Membership (CFM)
Website: www.chrisfarrellmembership.com
Price: $4.95 for the first week, $37/month
Owners: Chris Farrell
Overall Rank: 8/10

Chris Farrell Membership Overview

Chris Farrell is extremely respected and successful in internet marketing. He is from England, and has a very welcoming and clear voice,  so his videos are very pleasant to listen to, and easy to follow.

In his videos, he takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to create an income online. He has a great deal of experience, and seems eager to share and help others. As a result, he has been voted as the #1 online income service available.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Low start up cost
  • Several website themes available
  • Very clear step by step training
  • Very visual, using videos

The Bad:

  • No free trial, but $4.95 is really not a high price
  • Might be too basic for some people

Who is Chris Farrell Membership For?

Chris states that this program is for people brand new to online business, as well as those who already have a website, but have not been making money with it.

Chris Farrell Membership Tools and Training

There are various tools available as well as multiple trainings. Chris also adds new webinars each week that comprise of 30 minutes of training . These are live, but the recordings can also be accessed of you miss the live session.

Here is a list of some of the things you will learn

  • How to use Social Media marketing
  • How to use Click Funnels
  • How to make Webinars
  • How to create video marketing
  • How to set up email campaigns

Chris Farrell Membership Support

Chris Farrell’s support staff are very helpful and prompt at replying to member’s needs, and this means you are never left hanging and feeling confused.

Chris Farrell Membership  Price

There are 2 membership programs. One costs $37/month to be a member. This covers all your hosting and training needs. There is an additional $10/year to buy a domain for your website, which is standard.

There is also an upsell of a mentor me program which costs $997

My Final Opinion of Chris Farrell Membership 

I believe this is a great program for those just getting started. It is well designed, and the price is low. If you have more experience, I would say Wealthy Affiliate is more appropriate, so it really depends on your needs, Description of the product goes here.




How To Make Money With Your Passion

Now that you have found it, you need to figure out how to make money with your passion.  It is not something that will happen overnight, but by putting in the time, and enjoying the process, you will be able to start doing something that you love, and make it work for you, rather than working for someone else and feeling that you are dying inside.

If you are serious about getting out of the rat race, and following your passion, then it is worth staying the course. Here are a few ideas to get started:

Start a blog

Start blogging about your passion, and in this way, you will discover others that have the same interests as you. This will open more doors, and get you meeting new people. There are ways to make money through a blog, such as by using affiliate marketing, which can be learned at Wealthy Affiliate, as described in my blog post here

Make a website

You can start an eCommerce site, selling products related to your passion, that you either physically handle, or through inventory arbitrage (where you use a third person to handle the inventory) For more on that see my post here. Or alternatively, create a website reviewing other products, and make money using affiliates, which is covered extensively in my post here.

Join a Freelance sites 

There are several  freelance sites out there , where people like you and me are making money from the comfort of their own home.  You can find work teaching, doing data entry, being a virtual assistant and many more. If this interests you find out more here.

Whichever path you take, there are a few things that you need to remember:

Don’t listen to the naysayers

There will be plenty of people who will tell you it is not possible, that everyone must work in a job, that nothing is easy in life and so on. Do not let them put you off! This is possible, with dedication and focus, so do not lose sight of that. It will take time to build up your business,  but once you do, there will be no looking back!

Invest your time

Make a point of spending a certain amount of time every day on making this happen. At the beginning it will need to be around your regular job, so a couple of hours in the evening will be necessary to start the ball rolling. Set a time and be strict with yourself, do not make any excuses.

Now it’s your turn!

Let me know what you are doing to turn your passion in to profit. What steps did you take? I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

How To Find Passion In Life

When I was a child I was passionate about everything,  I had big dreams, and no limitations. I really thought I was going to be a dancer, I would spend hours in front of the mirror, dancing and lip syncing to the latest music.  However, as time went by, I seemed to lose sight of that dream, and suddenly real life took over, I had to pay the bills, and put food on the table, so I got a job.

After a while, I started to feel  there must be more to life than this, and decided I needed to figure out how to find passion in life again. These are the steps I took to rediscover passion, and put myself on to the road to enjoying life to the fullest:

Remember back to your childhood

Close your eyes, and remember what you used to enjoy as a child. Maybe you liked dancing like me, or maybe you like to build things with lego, or write stories or whatever it may have been.

Take some time out, and revisit those activities, see if you still like them.

Do something new 

Make a change to your routine, shake things up.  Don’t just stay on the couch at the weekend, make an effort to go somewhere new, or do a new activity. It does not have to be too extreme, maybe try a new cafe, or walk to a different part of town. Open your eyes, and take in everything you see.

Don’t think too hard, just allow yourself to be drawn in. Look at what others are doing, give it a try.


Travelling is the best way to open your mind to new ideas and experiences. You will meet new people and become inspired by their stories. Once you come home, you will be able to look at everything with fresh eyes, and have new ideas of what you can achieve.


In taking a few minutes a day to be quiet, and let your brain slow down, you will get more clarity on what really inspires you

Once you have it, now what?

Now you have discovered how to find passion in life, this passion can be used to make a living, and perhaps one day leave that boring 9 to 5 job. There are plenty of ways to make your passion work for you, take a look at my other blog posts to see just how.

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About Me

Welcome to the Passion and Riches website, where you will come on a journey to rediscover your passion, and find the perfect way to make an income while doing what you love.


I was a workhorse for many years, and kept thinking that there must be more to life than just working in an office from 9 to 5 every day, never having enough money to do the things I enjoy the most. I started looking around on the internet for ideas on how to make more money. I signed up to many programs, but lost interest mid flow when it seemed all I was being asked to do was to direct people to other websites. Finally, I found Wealthy Affiliate and felt it was something worthwhile, as the community is so supportive, and there are so many people willing to share their knowledge.

I no longer felt alone, and was excited to have found like minded people that were eager to share their ideas . Now, I am doing something that I love, and have time to pursue my other passions, which include travelling and spending time with my children

Today, I encourage you to ask, “What does freedom mean for me?” Is it more time with your family? Is it the ability to travel around the world? Is it building a great business and helping others financially?


I want to encourage people to ask themselves what they want to do with their lives, how could they be happier. Perhaps that involves spending more time with family, or travelling the world, or building a successful business. I want to give you the tools to be able to do just that. To help people like you that may be just as lost and overwhelmed as I was, to find a way to enjoy life and make money to ensure a comfortable future for you and your family.



The purpose of this website is to provide information on how to have freedom from the rat race, and make money while you sleep.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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